Keep it Fresh!

6th September 2019

Buying bagged Salad Leaves is a great time saving way to quickly whip up a salad or add them to a sandwich to make a delicious healthy meal. However we have all been in the situation where we haven’t used all of the salad in the bag so we have put it in the fridge only to go back a couple of days to find it all soggy and limp and no one likes a soggy salad!

You could try one of the following 3 tips and see if any of these work for you or if you have your own fail safe way of keeping your salad fresh let us know on our face book page just search for Agrial Fresh Produce and like our page.

1. Place leaves in a bag with a piece of paper towel and squeeze out as much air as possible then tie.

2. Place leaves in a plastic tub loosely and cover with paper towel before placing a lid on the box.

3. Place leaves in a plastic bag and blow a breath into the bag before tying.

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