National Hydration Day

23rd June 2020

Today is National Hydration Day.
As temperatures are set to rise over the next few days proper hydration is vital to living a healthy life, but it’s often overlooked. It’s easy to forget to carry a water bottle on a hot day outside but skipping out on water can lead to major health risks. Whether you’re are outside working away in the garden, mowing the lawn, hiking or someone who simply loves to spend time outside in the sun, drinking water is key to avoiding health issues. Celebrating National Hydration Day is a great way to raise awareness.
There are lots of ways we can help remind ourselves to drink more water-
Set reminders on your phone.
Use a water bottle that shows when and how much you need to drink.
Have a competition with friends and family to compare your results at the end of the day.
Water doesn’t have to be boring, add fresh fruit, cucumber, mint or sugar free cordial the possibilities are endless.
Of course we know how important water is for us but it is also vital for our crops. Water loss from the plant exceeds the ability of roots to absorb water and when the plant’s water content is reduced enough to interfere with normal plant processes growth is impacted. On the flip side If soil becomes waterlogged and stays that way the water can cut off the air supply to the roots and to the microorganisms that live in healthy soil. It can lead to root rot or other diseases.
So water really is the mainstay of life for both plants and humans alike! Enjoy the sunshine and stay hydrated!

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