Helping Those In Need

20th April 2020

As a business operating in a key industry, we are aware that we can have a positive impact on those who are in a less fortunate position than ourselves. So, in a bid to reduce the amount of food waste at a time where people are struggling to source food in the normal way, we have undertaken a number of initiatives to help people in need at this very difficult time.

Fareshare reach charities across the UK, including schools, older people and homeless shelters.
So far, we have donated food to five regional centres.

Greggs Foundation help charities, community groups and schools who support some of the most vulnerable people in our communities
We have donated 50 boxes of produce to St Marks Primary School in Wigan.

Care Homes
We are delivering food to local care homes, helping those who are most vulnerable during this time.
So far, we have sent supplies to 6 local care homes

The T Lady
We had a request from an elderly lady that runs a tortoise sanctuary. She has MS and with restrictions surrounding her vulnerability and purchase limits, she was struggling to find ways to feed her army of over 130 tortoises, some of them over a century old. She often feeds her shelled friends Florette Crispy and even has a website and leads a number of forums about what tortoises eat. The T Lady is a true Florette Crispy ambassador in the tortoise community.
After approaching us for help with supply, we wanted to help and so we delivered half a pallet of Florette Crispy to her sanctuary at the weekend free of charge, and plan to make a couple more deliveries over the coming month to keep them going.
She sends enormous thanks to Florette for helping her and has sent a lovely photo of 80 year old Betty the tortoise munching on Crispy.
To find out more about the T lady, visit her website

Helping staff and their neighbours
We have been giving our staff free products to use at home and to hand out to their neighbours. A number of staff members have taken boxes and given them out to vulnerable people near where they live.

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