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We have passion & pride in everything we do.

Meet our Family

Agrial Fresh Produce alongside Axgro, Agrial Fresh Farms and Florette fall into the UK arm of Agrial's vegetable division.

Agrial are one of France's leading agricultural and food-processing cooperative groups.

Comprising of 14,000 farmer members it continues to expand its food-processing activities into Europe, Africa and the United States. Agrial has operations across 18 regions with 280 farming outlets and it's not just about lettuce!

With 150 processing sites, they now have a workforce of 21k people and annualised turnover over €5.2 billion euros.

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We have relationships that have stood the test of time.

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We have an approach to business which is all about transparency & honesty.

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We nurture and encourage our colleagues to be their best.

Meet Our Family

Within our family there are 4 sites in the UK

Agrial Fresh Produce in Wigan
Florette in Lichfield
Axgro Foods in Scunthorpe
Agrial Fresh Farms in Colchester

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Wigan, birthplace of George Formby and home to the Wigan Warriors, the Mighty Latics, pies and our very own salad processing factory.

Located in Scunthorpe where Cheese & Onion flavour crisps were invented by the official crisp-makers of Scunthorpe.

Scunthorpe as a town came into existence due to the exploitation of the local ironstone resources, and subsequent formation of iron works from the 1850's onwards.

Since 1978, the company has been at the forefront of adding value to locally grown vegetables.

The leading suppliers of cooked, pickled and flavoured beetroot serving national and regional customers in retail and foodservice markets in the UK as well as exporting to Europe.

Lichfield has the only three-spired Cathedral in the country to have maintained its medieval outline.

The spires, seen from a distance, are referred to as The Ladies of The Vale. Back in 1989, a group of French farmers introduced their range of leafy prepared salads to the UK. Florette has remained one of Britain’s favourite produce brands ever since, producing over 69 million bags of salad per year.

Known for our iconic Crispy salad and bought by nearly a third of UK households in the UK, Florette is owned by an expert team of farmers who pride themselves in always going the extra mile to ensure that we deliver only the very best quality and freshness to all our consumers.


Based in the county of Essex, Colchester is believed to be England’s oldest town. Home to Roman town walls, the nursery rhyme “twinkle twinkle little star” and our very own farm!

With some of the best light levels in the country, Agrial Fresh Farms is perfectly placed to grow salad throughout the year, with over 100 hectares of land and 28 hectares polytunnels.

The farm has a purpose-built reservoir to harvest rainwater, allowing it to be self-sufficient in terms of water. With key leaves such as Spinach being grown all year round, Agrial Fresh Farms has the ability to reduce food miles, having a positive impact on the environment.