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Things to Look out for in 2019!

8th January 2019

Ice cream
Ice cream has always been popular but in 2019 we will see a resurgence, with vendors and parlours popping up over the UK. They will take influences from street food from Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Think ice cream tacos and bubble waffles!

This is a Japanese dessert of flavoured shaved ice.
It is made by shaving ice to a fine granular texture, mounded by hand then flavoured and decorated.
One of the major appeals is the versatility of the flavouring and the ability for low calorie versions to be made!

West African food
While we are already sold on food from the southern continent, food from West Africa is about to become the next big thing. Expect special and spicy flavours from Ghana to Senegal and Nigeria to Mali with tangy chicken yassa and jollof rice offering delicious one-pot meal ideas!

CBD Infused foods
Whilst cannabis remains illegal, CBD (Cannabidiol – another substance contained in cannabis), is now classed as medicine that can help with inflammation and pain relief to name just a few. It is expected that health food stores and cafes will begin to incorporate cannabis oil in to cakes, shakes and juices!

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