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The Buzz On Insects!

28th November 2018

With Sainsbury’s just becoming the first UK retailer to stock edible crickets it has got us talking about Entomophagy or, to put in to simpler words, us eating insects!
With the world’s population estimated to increase to 9 billion by 2050, we will almost have to double our food production in an attempt to feed everyone, so insects that require minimal space, water and energy seem like the perfect solution! Crickets require just 2kg of feed to produce 1kg meat and 80% is edible, whereas cattle require 8kg feed to produce the same amount of meat and just 40% of the cow is edible!
Not only are they greener but insects contain high amounts of fat, protein, vitamins and fibre, with crickets containing an average of 205g per kg of protein, compared to beef which contains 256g per kg of protein, this is not a bad comparison!

It all may sound quite scary but insects may be the future! Besides, we have had plenty of practice, as on average there are 8 insect parts in every bar of chocolate!

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