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8th January 2019

We have always had probiotic yogurts and drinks in our lives, but with ever continuing research in to the relationship between our brain and gut this area has moved on to a new level. It has been proven that our brain and tummy’s are connected in more ways than one! For example the vagus nerve runs from the brain to the gut, sending signals both ways. It has been proven that when stressed the brain sends signals to your gut, causing an upset stomach! On top of this, your gut and brain is connected through all kinds of chemicals and neurotransmitter and anything we eat can affect the way each part of the body runs!
In 2018 we saw the rise of fermented foods such as kimchi and kefir, towards the end of the year these started to become available in mainstream retailers. In 2019, with the base for gut health established, we will see people making a real effort to increase fibre, prebiotics and probiotics in their diets.
In the US, Kellogg’s have launched a new cereal range called ‘Happy Inside’. This is a cereal that contains probiotics, prebiotics and fibre that comes in bulk of single serve portions. If you are wanting to fuel your good bacteria, look for foods that give you at least 10% of your RDI of fibre to set you in the right

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