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Embracing Veganism

8th January 2019

Veganism has been a rising trend for many years and really came in to its own in 2018. This year we will begin to embrace the diet and the view points that come with it. Vegan options will become a more natural part of a carnivores diet as we see more creative and exciting recipes developed that push culinary boundaries.

In the last survey conducted by The Vegan Society in 2016 there was an estimated 540,000 people living in the UK who identified as vegan and 360,000 people in the UK who identified with being ‘life style’ vegans (meaning they commit to only using or buying all things free from animal products).

Most major retailers have reported a rise in meat free sales with Tesco launching their dedicated vegan brand Wicked and Waitrose launching dedicated vegan sections in more than 130 stores. The UK market for meat free food was worth £572m in 2017, this was up from £539m just two years earlier.
There is no sign of this trend slowing down with sales predicted
to reach £658m by 2021!

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